Your Community

Whether the place you call home is a big city, a rolling countryside, or a suburban haven, you have the ability to shape your community and your community, inevitably shapes you.

Why should you care about legislation and policy that’s being introduced and passed in your community? Because it is in your local government, school board, and city council where we have the most direct impact! The opportunities to have elected officials who support a pro-choice agenda is possible when we work together to get our issues heard!

Regardless of which communities people identify with or belong to, the reality is there is legislation going through local legislatures that impacts the decisions people can make around their reproductive and sexual health. There has been an ongoing onslaught of locally sponsored anti-choice legislation. Mandatory consent laws (including informed, spousal and parental consent), restrictions on funding for reproductive and sexual health services, and increases in local funding for fake healthcare clinics.

Read personal stories from local organizers and activists:

  • "The intersections between all social justice issues have been very clear to me." Alexandra's story
  • "I realized that all reproductive choices can be responsible choices." Luis' story
  • "Spoken word is a mode for like-minded people to share and articulate ideas." Sonya's story
  • "They'll give you a little support while you're pregnant, but once the child is born, you're on your own." Leilani's story
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