Don't Be Fooled: Action Against CPC's

On April Fool's Day and we asked YOU to tell your Senators that WOMEN WON'T BE FOOLED by Crisis Pregnancy Centers anymore!

Crisis Pregnancy Centers advertise that they offer a full range of health services for women who are or may be pregnant, when in fact, they use scare tactics, manipulation, and misinformation to pressure women to become mothers whether they want to or not.

Senator Robert Menendez, from New Jersey, introduced important legislation on called Stop Deceptive Advertising in Women's Services (SDAWS) on April 1, 2008 and he needs our help. We need to bombard the Senate with our calls of support for this bill.

Ads like this one bombard campus newspapers, the sides of buses, and the Yellow Pages near universities and in lower-income communities. Let's make sure the ads that prey on vulnerable young women aren't allowed to LIE to them too.

Call YOUR Senators and ask them to co-sponsor the legislation to ensure that women nationwide won't be misled, deceived, or manipulated by the "bait and switch" advertising commonly used by Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Call the Senate Switchboard at 202-224-3121 to get connected to your Senators. If you're not sure who your Senators are or just double check, you can visit to locate yours by zip code.

When you call, you'll be asked for your name and address to ensure that you're contacting the Senators who represent you. Here are some ideas of what you can say after that:

  • Ask them to co-sponsor Senator Menendez' legislation, Stop Deceptive Advertising in Women's Services.
  • Tell them that women deserve better than deceitful advertising that limits their access to reproductive health services.
  • Remind them that crisis pregnancy centers especially target students, young women, and women from lower-income communities -- people with limited financial resources, who are the most vulnerable to serious health consequences from misiniformation distributed by CPCs.

When you've made your calls, let us know how it went! Does your Senator intend to co-sponsor? We'd love to hear about your experience.

Also, check out a series of articles about the effects of CPCs written by some of our activists over at RH Realty Check!
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