Sex education is a necessary and vital piece of young people’s education – one that impacts our decisions, our health and potentially our whole lives. Regardless of people’s beliefs, we deserve truthful, medically accurate information that speaks to our real, diverse experiences and trusts us to make informed decisions.

Choice USA’s Sex[+] Campaign is a youth-led, youth-driven effort to shape policy on sex education – an issue that directly and intimately affects young people. The Sex[+] campaign supports young peoples’ efforts to advocate for comprehensive sex education programs in their states and communities – and demands that Congress fund comprehensive sex education programs and defund abstinence-only programs.

Federal funding for abstinence-only has failed to equip young people with the information needed to make healthy and informed decisions about sex. Abstinence-only programs assume that all young people across the country have the same experience with sex and sexuality and disseminates misinformation about contraception, abortion, STIs and pregnancy.

Comprehensive sex education programs teach “more than the birds and the bees,” empowering young people with truthful information about sex and sexuality. By providing young people with the positive, medically accurate information, comprehensive sex education trusts us to make informed decisions about our health and lives. Comprehensive sex education programs include discussions around personal safety, healthy relationships, abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, birth, parenting and sexual orientation.

By leading the Sex[+] Campaign on our campuses and in our communities, youth across the country are standing up and making our voices heard!

  • Download our Sex[+] factsheet here.
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