National Call-In Day on 10/28!

Join the National Comprehensive Sex Education Call-In Day on October 28th!

The healthcare reform debate is dominating the news right now. One thing we’re not hearing about is the Hatch Amendment, an amendment that would have a serious impact on sex education in our classrooms. Voted into the Senate Finance Committee’s version of healthcare reform 12-11, the Hatch Amendment lays out a $50 million funding plan to get failed abstinence-only programs back into our classrooms.

We need to speak up! This piece of healthcare reform will directly impact our everyday lives and its key we show our legislators we want sex education grounded in fact that teaches us what we need to know.

Abstinence-only programs don’t work. President Obama has called for the end of them in his budget and Members of Congress in the House and Senate have held firm by letting ab-only funding streams expire. Let’s make sure 12 Senators don’t successfully get bad sex education back into our classrooms!

Join Choice USA, SIECUS, SYRF, Advocates for Youth, and Catholics for Choice in our National Call-In Day on Wednesday, October 28th. Call 1-888-423-5983 to reach your Senators’ office.

Check out our toolkit for details on how to organize a Call-In Day on your campus or in your community. Read up for tips on planning the events, what to say when you make your call, and even Tweeting points to push key Senators on Twitter to strike down the Hatch Amendment.

Let’s make sure the era of abstinence-only education is done for good!

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