Congress, Lay Off the Juice!


Abortion is a vital service that all people need access to. People need the right to decide whether or not they will have an abortion. We need pro-choice legislation and leaders to make certain that abortion rights remain intact in every state.

Choice USA leaders know that policy on abortion impacts young people the most. Fifty-five percent of abortions involve women in their 20s. Whether it is parental notification or mandatory ultrasound laws, anti-choice advocates are working to place barrier upon barrier for young people to access abortion services.

Bans on abortion access and funding hurt everyone. We should be protecting the health and decision-making power of young people, not stripping it away.  Choice USA believes that any person, no matter their age, can and should make decisions about their own bodies, their own lives.

Young people want abortion to be accessible in our communities. Sixty-eight percent of Millennials want abortion to be available in our communities.  To make sure abortion remains available, young people across the country are educating, organizing and advocating for abortion rights.

Choice USA leader Noel Spring puts it best, "I refuse to be silent anymore, and let my reproductive rights be stripped away. I'm unapologetically pro-choice."

  • Get the facts on abortion in the United States.
  • Learn about HR 358, the Let Women Die bill, and fight back!
  • Join the 1  in 3 campaign. (The 1 in 3 Campaign aims to break through the taboo of talking about our personal experiences with abortion. The absence of our stories enables a vocal minority and the politicians who support them to politicize the issue and stigmatize our experiences.)
  • Watch this awesome video on so-called fetal personhood measures.



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